Unique Models and Marketing is flexible in adapting to the needs and demands of its clients.
You ask - we deliver. YOU come first!

Unique Models and Marketing policy and guidelines enforce strict rules for the best performance from our models, talent and brand ambassadors. Unique Models and Marketing is focused on satisfying the ever-changing trends in the entertainment, hospitality, marketing and sales industry. We seek only dynamic, polished individuals with qualified talent for high-demand assignments. We plan and implement all logistical requirements for each event ensuring its success.  We focus and strive to bring product and service awareness to the public by capturing your brand in on and off premise activations, trade shows, special events and more.  Beauty is an asset, however, Unique Models and Marketing also integrates personality, skills, and character to maximize sales and ensure nothing less than success.  We seek only those individuals representing these characteristics. Furthermore, we encourage our models, talent and brand ambassadors to seek active healthy lifestyles and consult with each of them individually according to their desired needs.

Unique Models and Marketing train all individuals before participating in any assignments with pertinent details, product information and necessary materials to ensure optimum performance. We invite our clients to attend our training sessions and encourage them to share product details, informative and statistical data, analytics and samples. Additionally, we urge our clients to concurrently host their own sessions to further familiarize and educate our agents with their products and services. We will supply you with the most articulate and skilled professionals to deliver your company’s message in the most defined, unique and innovative approach possible. 

Unique Models and Marketing:

  • Consistently provides attractive, educated and highly intelligent individuals, brand ambassadors and talent.
  • Engage in on and off premise promotions, trade shows, charities, community, sporting and special events.
  • Participate in food, beauty and service demos.
  • Specialize in wine and liquor product launches, activations, tastings, sales, marketing and consulting services.
  • Provide wine and spirits quality tastings and sampling support.
  • Promotes brand awareness and education.
  • Provides and increases brand exposure and visibility.
  • Is trial driven.
  • Increases sales and profitability.
  • Provides merchandising support.
  • Manages and retains retail client-customer and consumer relations.
  • Generates event staffing.
  • Employ a multilingual staff.
  • Produces a creative, fun and exciting atmosphere at all its’ events.
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