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Unique Models and Marketing (UMM) is a model, talent, marketing, consulting, sales and staffing agency.  We provide qualified and expertly trained multilingual individuals for a variety of positions within the fashion, entertainment, food, beverage, alcohol, hospitality and service industry.  We grow products and services to new competent effective levels that improve the business bottom line and propel company offerings to the top by developing customer driven and effective bands.

UMM encompasses multiple divisions ranging from service and product promotions to fashion, print, film, commercials and showcases.  We are a full service marketing agency which specializes in individual staffing and promotional appearances at various venues such as in on and off premise activations, product launches, trade shows, charity, community, sporting and special events.  We provide models for fashion, fit, print and media.

We represent food, beverage, liquor, wine and service brands for purchase by way of on and off premise accounts through marketing, education and sales by increasing brand exposure, visibility, sales and reorders incorporating brand ambassadors, models and talented diverse individuals to conduct tastings, activate brands, drive trial and execute route to market. We staff events, both private and public at numerous venues including convention centers, catering halls, charities, sponsorships, etc.  We staff multilingual street teams for festivals, fundraisers, parades, grand openings and pop-ups. We also foster and maintain client to consumer and customer relationships.

Photo: Patricia Rosario representing Ron Barceló advertising and marketing campaign.

Artists Partnerships

  • 54th Platoon
  • Afu-Ra
  • Alex Bueno
  • Baby Pyshco
  • Enemigo
  • Fahim
  • George Lamond
  • Joi
  • Junito Blade
  • Lisa M
  • LL Cool J
  • Mob Deep
  • Nas
  • Neptunes
  • Nino-Pan Killar
  • Orquidea Negra
  • Pharoe Monch
  • Siniestro

About The Founder

Patricia Rosario

Patricia Rosario has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years as a freelance model, actress and agent. As a child, Model and Talent Scouts consistently approached her in school and in the streets of New York where she was born. As she matured, modeling became a career option that was befitting. One day she accepted a request to enter a beauty pageant in which she placed first. She won acclaimed titles such as Ms. Puerto Rico USA and Ms. International USA. Initially these events started out as a hobby and an entertaining experience to partake in but proceeded to gradually direct her into many future competitions. Consequently, she was recruited to participate in multiple fashion shows and hired to represent numerous different brands.

Patricia commenced her career as a model with numerous victories. She worked as a model part-time while earning her bachelor’s degree with a dual concentration in communications and management from Syracuse University. With a great interest in law, she proceeded to pursue her Juris Doctorate, obtained a paralegal education and completed a year of law school. As her modeling career soared, and her passion and drive for the entertainment world intensified, she decided it was time for her to pursue her modeling career full time.

As her assignments and recognition increased, she became known among many as “Pocahontas,” because of her distinct look and sleek long hair. Not only does Patricia’s portfolio encompass many diverse looks and includes an extensive resume, she also incorporates a wonderful outgoing, diverse, and sincere personality. In addition, she is athletic, loves dancing and was selected to be a Salsa dancer at the world-renowned Copacabana in New York City. She has experience in many facets of the entertainment industry ranging from Promotions, Print, and Fashion to Television, Film, etc.

As Patricia’s success and popularity grew in the entertainment world, others within the industry began to approach her for referrals of models to participate in many new and ongoing projects. At first, these requests were casual and small in number, but the demand grew more frequent and abundant. Slowly, she began to build a database of models that included people from all over the world with an array of talents. Patricia was now serving as an agent as well as a model. She precisely sought and placed talented and beautiful individuals with different companies for specific events. She negotiated deals and represented companies as a field manager and point person on numerous occasions. Her extensive experience, knowledge, and professional reputation in the entertainment world laid the foundation for the creation of Unique Models and Marketing.

Unique Models and Marketing evolved from its initial name, Unique Models and Talent Marketing founded and headed by Patricia Rosario in 2002. Formerly, the agency focused on providing models for fashion, fit, print, media, tradeshows and showcases.  Over the years, Patricia’s involvement in wine and liquor tastings led her to evolve the company to include marketing, consulting and sales.  The agency provides multilingual unique, skilled, and talented individuals to assist launch and develop their products and services.

The name “Unique Models” was created based upon the many unique faces, distinct personalities, and diverse backgrounds the agency provides.  Patricia has earned the trust of their models and talent in its placement of quality professional assignments by guiding them through extensive training and counseling on matters of careers and life. Patricia serves as a mentor and employer for its models, talent and the companies they represent for the achievement of invaluable outcomes and success.

Patricia Rosario is also recognized as the first Female and Latina Boxing Ring Announcer. As a ring announcer, she has appeared on ESPN 2 Sports Network and HBO. She has performed in various music videos with artists such as LL Cool J, Mob Deep, George Lamond etc.  Patricia acted as a hostess for television shows such as “Sabado 47,” “Control,” and has been featured in infomercials on the Home Shopping Network.  She has also made public appearances as “Pantha,” a well-known comic book character developed for her to model and portray. 

Ms. Rosario has expanded her knowledge in brand marketing by working with one of the largest wines and liquor distributor in NY, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Her extensive experience has fortified her with a multitude of leadership and marketing skills.  She has driven products and services to new competent effective levels that improve the business bottom line and propel company offerings to the top by developing customer driven and effective bands while executing the company’s vision and goals. She has been instrumental in the creation, expansion and success of Unique Models and Marketing by implementing exciting innovative ideas and input from all. She constantly welcomes new challenges, suggestions and critiques to enhance herself in all facets of her life, career and business. Furthermore, she maintains an open door policy where models, brand ambassadors and talent can seek advice and assistance from her for all the challenges they encounter. Her entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and success as CEO and founder of Unique Models and Marketing has empowered her to serve as a role model both professionally and personally to all her peers. Her unique and versatile appeal is her trademark that continues to position her in new and exciting projects for her to partake in and explore.

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